Do your messages...

  • Tell more than sell?
  • Say “we, our, us” vs, stepping into your reader's shoes?

"You’d never date someone who talks about themselves 80% of the time. So why do most companies message that way?” 



70% of your target will read about you before they talk to you. Are you giving them compelling reasons to trust you and engage?

If you’re just rattling off features, don't expect your audience to connect the dots to value. 


Early in your relationship, help them solve a problem.  You’ll become a respected resource and earn their trust—and/or business—for life. 


  • Audience-centric content
  • White papers and more
  • Quality / annual reports
  • Live events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Effectiveness measurement

The top line

Earn a seat at the table with constant value delivery. As a solution creator, you'll make it difficult for others to unseat you. 

The bottom line

An educated info-seeker trusts you more. An educated prospect buys more. An educated customer stays with you for a lifetime.