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Phil DuBois, Director Saint Joseph’s College of Maine


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Marvin D. Mason, Chief Marketing Officer, Crisis Prevention Institute


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Margaret McConnell, Chairperson, Nevada Board of Examiners for Long Term Care Administration


"We couldn't be happier with the work from Quantum Age.  From beginning to end, the team from Quantum Age demonstrated outstanding insights about our business, and were able to quickly and effectively synthesize a huge amount of information to create a clear, compelling vision for our website.  We're seeing a demonstrable return from our investment."

Scott Brown, Director, The GREEN HOUSE Project


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Holly Bohman, Marketing & Communiations, Stonerise Healthcare


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Rand Johnson, Marketing Director, Prime Care Technologies


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Bailey Beeken, Consultant


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JJ Johnson, Cornell Communications


"You gave us excellent insights into the world of healthcare innovation, which we will incorporate into our Thrive Lab project with InnovateLTC. We salute your collaborative spirit and the passion you bring to your mission."     
Lisa Swarbrick, Senior Research Associate, Main Captiva, LLC


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President, Healthcare Technology Company