"We got excellent insight in to the world of healthcare innovation. We salute your collaborative spirit and the passion you bring.” Lisa Swarbrick, Senior Research Associate, Main Captiva

There are professionals, and then there are experts.  The very best at what they do, these all-stars will save time, money, and headaches, having solved challenges for thousands across decades.  Lighten your load as they help with the heavy lifting.

  1. Maggie Calkins 
    The expert on evidence-based design. More
  2. Luke Fannon  
    The expert on senior care sales and marketing metrics. 
  3. Ryan Frederick  
    The expert on senior housing, care finance, and operations. More
  4. Susan Gillster 
    The expert on dementia care. 

  5. Lorraine Hiatt, Ph.D  
    The expert on person-centered design. More
  6. Leah Klusch  
    The expert on compliance, reimbursement and clinical operations. More
  7. Don Lazzari  
    The expert on accelerating sales performance. More
  8. Kenneth Lund  
    The expert on optimizing post-acute continuum outcomes. More
  9. Richard Peck
  10. The expert on healthcare history, perspective and trends. More