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Posted by CC Andrews

Nov 25, 2013 10:18:00 AM

To help staff perform at their very best, education is a top priority for all organizations.  Jan Wilson, vice president for Learning Design and Outcomes at Redilearning; and CC Andrews, president and CEO of Quantum Age Collaborative, contributed expertise in a McKnight's article highlighting best practices for education.  Enjoy these excerpts.   
McKnight's Long Term Care News
November 01, 2013

How to do it ... continuing educationtree

Continuing education (CE) choices abound, and while time and money usually shape decisions, trying to get the most for both is a wise tactic. Most professionals pursue CE for license renewal and certification, but increasing numbers are doing so for professional growth and career advancement.

While your organization should facilitate education, remember that CEs are a personal responsibility. Jan Wilson, vice president for Learning Design and Outcomes at Redilearning, says nurses should tap into whatever CE opportunities employers provide. 

There are ways to convince management about CEs despite cutbacks. 

“It never hurts to have a solid plan to present to a supervisor who may provide funding, time to complete, or even career capital for you,” says Wilson. “Better, tie the CE course to an existing or needed facility initiative.” 

Do your homework before signing on to CE opportunities. 

Realize not all education credits are structured the same, adds CC Andrews, president and CEO of Quantum Age Collaborative. “People should fight the temptation to just get their credits out of the way as cheaply and conveniently as possible,” she says.

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