Quantum Age Collaborative Achieves HubSpot Partner Certification

Posted by CC Andrews

Nov 22, 2013 3:48:00 PM

Everybody now:  "WOO HOO!" 

Generating awareness, finding leads, and converting leads to customers -- are top priorities of any organization focused on growth.  Because 60-70% of buyers making a major purchase will do research online before they buy, an organization's digital marketing approach is a top strategic imperative.  

There are tools, and then there's HubSpot - the world's leading solution for measurable inbound marketing.  Today Cambridge Mass.-based Hubspot is the largest inbound marketing solution, with over 10,000 customers worldwide.  

Quantum Age Collaborative officially achieved Hubspot Partner Certification today, which will help clients squeeze every inch they can out of this amazing tool.  What makes it so cool?  Three great reasons: 

  • Efficiency.  Hubspot eliminates licensing and managing lots of separate tools essential for modern marketing. One login allows you to manage all web content, blog, landing pages, email, social media outlets, analytics - and oh so much more.
  • Effectiveness.  Hubspot isn't just about a tool.  Constant coaching helps those marketing be more effective marketers.  Marketers get coached on how to build sticky stuff as it is being written, present it for maximum impact, schedule it across different channels, and test different ways of presenting it. 
  • Real ROI.  Hubspot is fanatical about metrics, helping organizations accelerate programs driving real ROI, and phase out those that are not. 

Hubspot certification is no easy task; it involves over two dozen hours of rigorous training as well as demonstration of practical results with the tool on a live site - before a panel of Hubspot experts.  We danced like we've never danced before and we made it!  

Tired and happy, we're ready to share all the savvy tricks we're learned.  

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