Why Collaborate

For healthcare organizations focused on growth, we mobilize leading experts to help you achieve your goals.  Unlike agencies unfamiliar with the channels, challenges, and changes happening in healthcare and aging services, you will:

  • Get access to the very best experts in healthcare without fixed costs.
  • See results faster thanks to decades of experience.
  • Be metric driven from day one.

Leadership Team

CC Andrews

CC Andrews

  • 25 years in marketing and sales
  • 18 years in healthcare
  • Skilled brand and reputation architect
  • Media and communications aficionado
  • Strategic dot connector

Michelle Dalton

  • 25 years in marketing
  • 6+ years in healthcare technology
  • ROI generator
  • CRM connoisseur
  • Chaos tamer
Edie Deane

Edie Deane

  • 30 years in healthcare
  • Entrepreneurial strategist
  • Change accelerator
  • Customer experience innovator
  • eLearning enthusiast

Marianna Grachek

  • 30+ years holistic health care champion
  • 20 years organizational developer
  • Standards bearer
  • Leadership advocate
  • Performance improvement motivator
Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy

  • 25 years as master air traffic controller
  • Trusted execution expert
  • Diva of details
  • Innovator of customer-centric service

Meg LaPorte

  • 25+ years not-for-profit management
  • 15 years in long-term care and senior living
  • Communications and multimedia pro
  • Policy wonk

Courteney Levet

  • Editor
  • Creative Writer
  • Brainstormer

Bruce Rosenthal

  • 30 years in non-profit organization management
  • 16 years in long-term care and senior living
  • Corporate partnerships pro
  • Expert communicator
  • Strategic collaborator

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